Capture Those Precious Prints

Ink-less Print Kit Video

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Our Ink-less Print Kit is large enough to capture an adult size hand or footprint. The most gentle and respectful way of capturing a print for all ages and any occasion.


Ideal for capturing pawprints of all sizes. With no messy clean up, our Ink-less Print Kit can be used by families or service professionals to quickly and easily capture pawprints.


Baby safe and non-toxic, our Ink-less Print Kit quickly and easily captures prints of all ages. With no messy clean up, they are ideal for new baby prints to create keepsake gifts.

Mess Free Towelette

Our Ink-less Print Kit contains (1) one-time use towelette coated with a clear solution.
Using the included towelette, wipe the entire print with the clear solution.

Special Paper

Our Ink-less Print Kit contains special papers to capture the print.
Press the print coated with the clear solution onto the included special papers.
Within a few seconds a black print will appear with no messy clean up.

Create Gifts and Crafts

Ink-less Print Kit papers can be written or printed on using any household laser or inket printer.
Popular keepsake projects include framing the keepsake papers or using them in a memory book, art project, or cherished in numerous other ways.

Wholesale Ink-less Print Kits

We partner with hospitals, care organizations, and others who offer our Ink-less Print Kits to the families they serve.

For In Loving Memory Print Kits, please visit our "In Loving Memory" page.