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After placing your order online order please follow these

4 easy steps to creating a Forever Prints keepsake!

(have questions? we're here to help!)

Capture your prints on paper 




Measure your prints 
Scan or
take a picture
of your prints and
upload them






We will send you a proof via email


Once we receive your proof approval,

we will begin creating your keepsake.

Paper keepsakes typically take 

1 week, and ceramic keepsakes typically take up to 3 weeks to create and ship after your poof approval. 

We may be able to accommodate rush orders, so please contact us.



Q: Will I receive a proof of my personalization and keepsake design?

A: Yes, we will send you a design proof via email to approve after we receive your order and uploaded prints. 

Q: Do I have to use a Forever Prints Ink-less Print Kit to capture my prints?

A: No, you can use any print taking method that you want, but it needs to be captured on white paper. You can use a previously captured print such as a birth certificate or other art project. 

Q: Can I just send you a picture of my prints captured on paper?

A: Yes! Turn off your flash, and take the picture. Be sure it is a clean picture with no shadowing. You then simply upload the picture to our website.

Q: Will you keep my prints true to size?

A: If we need to shrink your prints to accommodate the keepsake, we will let you know on your proof that they were reduced, and by how much. It is always our intention to keep your prints true to size! 

Q: Why do I have to measure my prints?

A: To keep your prints true to size when possible, we need to know their measurements. 

Q: Can I rush an order to receive it sooner?

A: Yes! Depending on our production schedule, we can work with you to schedule a rush order. A rush order fee may apply.

Q: Can I have my order sent to different addresses?

A: We can only ship to 1 address per order. Please place multiple orders if you need us to ship to multiple addresses.

Please contact us with any questions you may have!

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